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Find the most frequently asked questions below.

Yes, our luster dust is exclusively formulated to be consumed in edibles.

Of course! It is not compulsory to use an alcohol-based solution to activate it. You can alternatively use lemon extract, clear vanilla extract, confectioner's glaze, almond extract, or any other extract.

No, it's tasteless regardless of the color variation.

Yes, our luster dust contains halal ingredients only

Yes, Monégasque luster dust is vegan-friendly.

Definitely, it is risk-free to play it with that way!

No, it won't affect taste of the baked item or drinks as it's tasteless.

Yes, you can combine our luster dust with food color.

You can add vodka to luster dust to add a matte effect to it.

Yes, you can!

If you're not adhering the luster dust with a carrier ingredient (like spirits or extracts) it will be "dry" but it could also rub off. It truly depends on what you're trying to do here.